SEO Monthly Newsletter

September 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to deliver outstanding customer service, we are launching a brand new initiative to keep you updated with everything that is relevant to your SEO program. This would be our monthly SEO newsletter and we are really excited to share our first edition with you! Here, were can highlight ongoing, on-site website improvements, off-site website optimization enhancements and even upcoming features that will be implemented in the near future.

Please remember, that this is in addition to your quarterly SEO review meetings and monthly SEO report which you will continue to receive as well.

Our SEO program includes on-site optimization (such as always improving your website) and off-site optimization (such as optimizing keywords). When doing this together, we found the best results for enhancing user experience on your website, organic keyword ranking, increased traffic to your website and more sales revenue for your business.

We look forward to working with you and sharing in your success.

ISEA Media

SEO Optimization

We work hard to bring new features to your sites. Here you can our view our agenda.

On Site Optimization

Small Animals Page
  • Rebuilt the entire page from the ground up.

Available Puppies Page
  • Added phone numbers to every puppy.

  • Added a floating form that will pop up automatically when customers scroll down.

  • Added two brand new call-to-actions on the "to inspire more form submission.

  • Added an advertisement that appears every 12 rows to aid in site navigation.

  • Added 15+ brand new blog articles.

Global Updates
  • Added all the new functionalities to the Breeds, Puppy Gallery & Video Gallery pages.

  • Integrated customer reviews so five star reviews show up in organic listings.

  • Added Heat Mapping to help gauge where customers are clicking as they navigate the site.

Off Site Optimization

Global Updates
  • Keyword optimization

  • Fixed all duplicate content issues

  • Revised all meta descriptions

  • Optimized low performing pages

  • Researched and added 30 additional keywords / phrases

  • Corrected external toxic backlinks

Up & Coming

New Pages
  • Developing a new Reptiles page.

  • Developing a new Fish page.

  • Developing a new "Find Your Perfect Puppy Match" page.

  • Developing a new "Areas We Serve" page to build traffic in the smaller sub cities of your area.

Global Updates
  • Migrating Petkey to Version 4.

  • Re-writing all 140 pages for the puppy breeds catalog.

  • Implementing Google Data Studio to turn data into useful dashboards and reports.

Thank you for checking out the first edition of our newsletter. Please be on the lookout on the 5th of every month for your detailed SEO report that includes analytics and statistics regarding your account. We look forward to our quarterly meeting where we will discuss all metrics.

ISEA Media